Welcome to my site!

I am Wasiq Amjad Bhamla, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, a Senior QA Consultant at ThoughtWorks, also an active open source contributor on GitHub where I have created some useful test automation frameworks. I also like mentoring people who are as eager to learn as I am.

My overall experience in testing field is almost 14 years. My experience started with testing desktop based application for capital market domain, then progressed to testing Web applications, API’s and Mobile native and Hybrid apps.

Being lazy by nature, I tend to automate everything which I need to do manually. This thinking keeps me motivated to learn new testing tools, new technologies and best practices. I keep challenging myself to push my limits and move out of my comfort zone and upgrade my skills. Since I was weak in writing about anything, I started this site, and started to write about myself and the knowledge which I gained in form of blogs (which is still in process to be published… Stay tuned for some blogs soon)

One area where I have not yet stepped on is speaking in conferences, youtubing and podcasts. This areas I am planning to explore soon. Will definitely post about it as soon as there is some progress.

To keep things short, if you want to know more about me professionally then check out my LinkedIn profile.

My work

There are many libraries and test frameworks which I have created and open sourced, same you can also use in any of your projects with minimal on-boarding time. All my works, with it’s documentation can be found in projects section. Feel free to check it out.

Pro Tip: There are many projects on my GitHub but the same is not yet available in the projects section. I am working on adding documentations for all of them, which I will publish as soon as it is ready.

I am open to feedbacks, so you are welcome to use any of my project and share your feedbacks on how good it was or how it can be improved.

Need my help?

If you feel I can help you in any way then feel free to connect with me here on this site via chat window. Just drop me a message from the chat window, if I am not available, then I will revert back to you on your provided E-mail.

Please Note: Since I have some bitter experience in past where people / organizations reach out for help / freelancing opportunity, promising some fees to me but never returned after receiving my services, so now I have started charging some portion as advance fees before starting the work. Fees can be finalized during our first discussion.